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Acid Etch Glass


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Bear Glass offers acid etch glass for you at an affordable rate. Bear Glass is one of the best acid etched glass fabricator, installer, and distributor in NYC and Brooklyn, Philadelphia and throughout the nation. We also ship our product in Canada. We stock up to 1” thick acid etch glass in our glass stores, NYC, Brooklyn City. So if you are searching for the modern acid etched glass installer in NY, call us. For a free consultancy, contact us Read more...

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Product Description

Glass etching is the roughening of a piece of glass with hydrofluric acid in selected portion or the entire glass sheet in order to produce a design. Acid Etch glass is a translucent glass which offers a soft diffusion of light through a satin like finish etched into the surface. Shades are subtly obscured and lines softened to provide countless opportunities for both internal and external applications. We take special care when manufacturing this glass in our workshop. We also supply acid etch mirror. We have more than two decades of experience in this industry.

Acid-etched Glass Advantages:

  • Consistent finish and appearance
  • Maintenance free
  • More mar-resistant than sandblasted glass
  • Does not peel or discolor like films
  • Looks Stunning

Bear Glass provides Walker Textures® acid-etched glass at a reasonable cost. Bear Glass acid etched obscure glass creates a translucent satin appearance. We do custom acid etched glass cutting, installation, and fabrication in NY, Brooklyn and all over the USA.

Etched glass panels are mainly used for:

  • door
  • Window
  • Shelves
  • partition wall
  • Glass railing
  • Glass flooring
  • Glass furniture and much more!

We also ship our products worldwide. Bear Glass has the safest delivery network in USA. Our installer team members are highly experiences.

Available Finishes

acid etch glass

Texture Opaque

acid etch glass

Texture Satin

acid etch glass

Texture Satinlite

acid etch glass

Texture Velour

Product Specification

Available glass types: Clear, Starphire, Bronze, Grey, Black, Blue, Green.

Available size: 96" X 130"

Available thickness: 1/8", 1/4", 3/16", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"

Available fabrication: Customized ( edgework, hand beveling)

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Very Good Item

- admin

I always envy the attractive etched glass door in the office I worked in. Finally, I opened my own company in New Jersey and I’ve installed etched glass door from Bear Glass. Their installers are highly experienced and I’m pleased with the service they provide.

- Lucy I

At the beginning of this year, we were looking to get a new etched-door for my office cabin. We had something fairly specific in mind and were having a hard time finding what we wanted. But finally I found this company and I was so pleased with their product and service.

- Margeret